What should be prepare before the fiber laser cutting machine arrive

1. Cutting gas : Nitrogen and oxygen and pressure reducing valve Nitrogen purity : ≥99.9% Oxygen purity : ≥99.6% Quantity : Not less than 4 bottles for each other 2. Distilled water /purified water 1-1.5KW suggestion 40L 2-3KW suggestion 70L 4KW suggestion 120L 6KW suggestion 160L Normally the pressure reducing valve is come with the gas bottle . 3. Power requirements Specifications: Three-phase five-wire system, 220/380V , 50/60Hz , capacity depends on laser type and capacity. Air compressors and blower should not connect the machine’s voltage stabilizer to prevent power changes of high-power equipment interfering the laser power output . 4. Ground wire for protection The total number […]