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Safety light curtains manual

 The light curtain is used to protect the dangerous area around the machine and equipment. When at least one beam is blocked, the TBN light curtain will output a designated signal to notify the machine and equipment to take corresponding measures.

The light curtain can be used alone, or can be combined with safety modules such as safety relays, light curtain relays, emergency stop switches, etc. to form a more complex control system to achieve alarm when entering dangerous areas or interlock with the safety protection system of the equipment.

Feature :

  1. Max detection height 2520mm ,detection height 100-2520mm.
  2. Max detection distance 8meter , detection distance 0.2-8meter .


Working voltageDC 12V-24V (+-5%)
Output typeTransistor NPN  PNP output 
Maximum output current100mA
Response time3-18ms
Insulation resistance>100Ω
Dielectric strength150V 60S
Anti-light interference10000Lux
Emission sourceInfrared 100nm
Protection level IP65
Optical axis spacing10mm ,20mm ,40mm

Wiring instructions:

1. Connect the brown wire of the transmitter to the brown wire of the receiver, and then connect the power supply DC 24 V.

2. Connect the blue wire of the transmitter to the blue wire of the receiver, and then connect the power supply 0 V.

3. The black wire of the transmitter is connected to the black wire of the receiver, and the white wire of the transmitter is connected to the white wire of the receiver.

4. The two connected black wires output NPN signals, and the two connected white wires output PNP signals.

Debugging :

  1. Confirm the working voltage ,make sure the connect voltage is same with on the nameplate
  2. Connect the power , please follow the instructions to connect the cables and check carefully before turning on the light.
  3. Dimming: Adjust the position and angle of the sensor , make the sensor green light on and red light off .
  4. Verify : Block each beam of light to ensure the normal state of the light curtain. When shading ,the red light is on ,the green light is off .

Without shading ,the red light is off ,the green light is on.

Installation Precautions

When two or more sets of safety light curtains are installed adjacent to each other, the safety light curtains are likely to interfere with each other. They should be installed with reference to the following diagram to prevent the light emitted from the illuminator from illuminating another set of adjacent light receivers.

When the two ends or sides of the light curtain are too close to the smooth operating surface or other objects that can reflect light, the infrared light emitted by the light curtain transmitter may be refracted to the receiver (as shown in the figure below), resulting in the failure of the light curtain protection function;


① When installing the light curtain, try to keep the distance between the light curtain and the smooth (reflective) operation table above 30mm;

② Improve the smooth operation surface, such as filming or matt treatment.

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