Fiber laser cutting machine needs to do the basic daily maintenance and maintenance to ensure the normal
operation of the equipment, reduce possible failures, and prolong the service life of the equipment.
Therefore, please read this manual carefully and strictly follow the fiber laser cutting maintenance manual.
The specific content is as follows:


Our fiber laser cutting machine can add the nozzles automatic cleaning device .It is will be more convenient for customers .


Check the valves and connections on gas bottles and tanks every time there is a gas bottle/tank swap out. This is easily done using a rag and a soapy water solution rubbed around the gas line connections. Any leaks will result in the soapy solution forming bubbles around the leaking fitting..

If you use the air compressor , it is must to use the air filter to make sure the cutting gas is without dust and water vapor .


The air compressor system must including four parts :

Air compressor (1.5Mpa ,3Mpa)

Air dryer   

Air filter 

Air tank

Weekly checking :


* Clean x, y-axis rack rails and z-axis screw guides

* Check if the exchange workbench chain is loose ( if have )

* Clean up slag drawer


Every three month :

* Check the connection of the cutting head

*Check the ceramic ring or replace it

* Adjust the temperature of the chiller water(winter20,25℃,summer 25,28℃)

* Check the connection of the servo driver cables in the control cabinet

* Check the air compressor is working properly


Every six months :

* Check the components in the cabinet are working properly and clean the dust

* Check the dust proof cloth of each shaft for damage


Every year :

* Clean water pipe or replace

* Cleaning the dust in the electrical cabinet (under power off )

* Clean the laser source



Every two years :


* Replace the air filter in the dust collection and air compressor system

* Replace the water filter

* Replace the aging pipe

* Check if ball screw guide rail needs to be replace


Every three years :

* Check if you need to replace the computer host



To ensure proper operation of the laser, it is necessary to prevent condensation and icing inside the laser.

  1. Please use pure water and a small amount of industrial alcohol in the chiller, about 300ML in summer .
  2. Please add antifreeze to the water chiller .
  3. Please adjust the water chiller temperature , main loop temperature 26℃ in summer , 20℃ in winter.


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